my silver lining

The Tiny Little Silver Lining in a Heavily Clouded Sky!

The last two weeks were pretty tough, for multiple reasons.

Firstly, I got into a conflict with my laptop service center over customer experience. On another day, I attended a social event (against my better judgement) only to regret it by the end. On Thursday, my mom fell terribly ill after months- she vomited every morsel that she ate through the day. And for the first time in decades, my brother and I disagreed over something real trivial.

By Friday, I was completely exhausted. Why was it all such a mess? And to add to it all even my skin started breaking out after months of “pimple-lessness” (Yeah, that’s a valid concern for some!)

I looked around in vain.

You know that moment when the universe seems to be conspiring against you with all its strength- yep, that’s how I felt.

Tired by all the extra housework, regretful because of the unpleasant social interactions, insecure owing to some physical blemishes, I couldn’t have been in a worse state (or may be its just me exaggerating).

So, while I groped in my sorrow and lamented over my losses, I saw two little silver heads bobbing around playfully- not a care in the world.


Introducing Mr. Tinku and Mr. Minku

My eldest pug, Appy, gave birth to two sweethearts, Tinku and Minku, the previous month. Now it depends whether you are a cat person or a dog person or just an animal lover, but the sheer joy of watching these adorable creatures is captivating beyond compare.

Like here I was in knee-deep mess and there they were playing around, teasing me as well to join in!

And how couldn’t I? Tell me, honestly, could you keep away?

Their soft fur, barely visible teeth, bodies no bigger than the palm of your hand and that sweet little mouth eager to nibble on all that’s nibbleable!

And the audacity with which these tiny punks scratch at you! Like dude, I could knock you down with a single swipe and yet they rise again, on their tiny little toes, ever eager for a rematch!

At this stage, they know nothing more than eat (rather drink milk), play, poop, sleep and repeat.

eat, play, poop, sleep, repeat!!

Yet the sheer innocence with which they look at you ( heard of puppy eyes, right?) is enough to melt the hardest hearts.

So, can you guess what I did when they approached me ever so gently?

I Played My Worries Away!

And that’s how I had the most energizing weekend after a somewhat horribly exhausting fortnight! I waited for the pups to wakey wakey before cuddling/kissing them to pieces.

The kid in me that got lost over the worries and engagements of the last 2 weeks found fresh breath in the company of Tinku-Minku.

the kid within

Isn’t it amazing how at times even the most trivial actions (in my case, outright childish) can bring you much joy?

Come tomorrow, new problems would arise, cause that’s what life’s about- you keep slaying giants and get to face new devils on the next levels.

But even amidst all the chaos and clouds, you can surely find the silver lining- the light that promises of better days to come.

I am grateful for my tiny little silver lining whose warmth and embrace reminded me of goodness, love and joy, despite all!

tiny little silver lining

So, did you find your silver lining? Look around, because it might just be calling you over for a carefree play on perhaps the worst of your days!

Until then, Happy Silvery Sunday!!

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