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Grateful For the Abundant Life in Christ

Come Saturday and I can’t help but exclaim, “What a day!”

I am never more grateful for life than on Saturdays.

Why so, Sany? Is it because of the long week days? No, maybe somewhat, but that’s not all of it.

Saturdays are the days we rest, rest after an entire week of endless buzz and cumulative to-dos.

I do like Sundays, but Saturdays are like the gentle pause in between a busy week and the prep before that week, where you can unwind, rest and reflect on the week that went by.

This week has been particularly busy what with all the workshop plans and their execution, but I am grateful that it’s all unfolded so beautifully.

The Jewish Sabbath

Long before Sundays were declared as official holidays, the Jewish tradition celebrated Sabbath, a day of rest, starting from Friday evening to Saturday evening. This was done in reverence to the story of Creation where God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day.

Isn’t it beautiful how the Creator of universe rested before work began? Life as we know it had been created in 6 days and then to celebrate all that He had created, God rested.

Are You Resting Enough?

Unfortunately, the world that we live in celebrates activity- rigorous activity. You are only allowed to stop if you are old, tired or dead!

And what’s even more sorrowful is how people pine away to create wealth they could never enjoy; build homes they never spent any time in and produce children they are too busy to be with!

Which is why I ask myself each Saturday- am I resting enough?

How I Spend My Saturdays (and You Can Too)

Every Saturday I make sure to do a few things that help me get the most out of it. Here’s what I do (and you can too!)

Begin the day with God.

Its real tempting to sleep in, laze around and watch a movie or two on Saturdays. I myself have regrettably spent quite a few Saturdays this way.

But like every pleasure, this too wanes away and I am left with more than half my day “wasted” in fruitless activities.

When you begin every Saturday with God, you can walk in His presence and listen to His wisdom (which is a billion times better than our own). And when God takes over your day, all missions will be accomplished.

Check out my blog on tips to change old ways to learn more.

Connect with your loved ones.

I spend my weekdays in my rented apartment, but every Saturday I make it a point to visit my parents and be with them all throughout the weekend.

before sunday service

Their love alone energizes me for the long week ahead and every moment spent creates fresh memories that I can cherish for the entire week!

Do what you love!

Of all the days in the week, this is one day where you can live for yourself and indulge in some heavy self-love. So just go ahead and do anything you have wanted to for a long time!

It could be something as simple as reading a book or playing with your pets or visiting some place on your to-see list!

my 2 pugs

End with a note of praise.

Be grateful for the week that went by, however bad it might have been. Cause you made it through! And that calls for thanks and praise!

Give thanks to the loved ones who helped you sail through and praise to God who gave you the wisdom and strength to navigate the week.

Living the Abundant Life in Christ- A Life of Rest!

Like Pastor Joseph Prince puts it, rest is not inactivity. It’s spirit directed activity.

There is a difference between being lazy/inactive and being at rest.

books read

When you rest, you are letting go of unwanted anxieties, cares and worries and instead letting the life inside you take over.

For a child of God, it’s the life of God, the Spirit within that directs them unto paths of peace and prosperity.

As long as He directs you, you can’t go wrong.

So, how are planning to spend your Saturday, today and in the coming weeks? Let me know in the comment section.

Till then, Happy Saturday!!

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