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Why We Must Share About Our Legacy in Christ

Scripture for the day: Joshua 10-13

The army of Israelites led by God Himself seems indestructible, invincible. So much so that nations fear the Israelite’s approach long before they even set foot on their premises.

Indeed, God’s promises are coming to its fruition. The enemies already know how the Israelites are winning the battle. Its their God, who is doing it for them.

Perhaps, it’s this sense of supernatural help that’s making them cringe. They form coalitions and collaborations but to no avail. For who can stand against the army of God?

While the episode of the sun standing still may look like a tad too much, one must remember that with God nothing is impossible. If it’s possible to move a mountain with faith the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20), it’s also possible to make the sun stand still!

mustard size faith moves mountains

But what moved me even more than the planetary positions is the endless “stamina” that seems to have taken over the entire Israelite army, their leader Joshua included. In a single campaign, the at least 80-year-old man took over entire nations, burning them down to the ground.

Joshua conquered all these kings and their territory in one campaign because the LORD, Israel’s God, was fighting for Israel. (vs.42)

And yet, just a few chapters later God’s calling Joshua “old”- “very old”. (Joshua 13:1)

This got me thinking.

After such glorious conquests and kicking out 31 kings, why does God suddenly remind Joshua of his age? Well, he couldn’t have been older than Moses when he died on Mount Nebo at the age of 120 (and even then, Moses eyes were not dimmed, neither his natural vigor abated- Deuteronomy 34:7).

Don’t Run Alone, Pass on the Baton!

Joshua has a unique leadership style, which in many ways is different from that of Moses. Sure enough, he is keen to obey God to the dot. Obviously, he had very big shoes to fill, so the pressure is understandable- but even at the end of it all, God tells him that there is so much more land to possess.

I wonder if Joshua ever took the time to sit back, relax and marvel at how gloriously God had supported his leadership.

I wonder if he ever paused to teach and pass down his awe to the future generation. All his life he rushed forth from one land to another, conquering and dividing. Yet immediately after his death, the next generation forgot what the Lord had done for Israel. (Judges 2:10)

Perhaps God was forewarning Joshua of the future neglect and unfaithfulness.

Perhaps, he was urging him to sit back, relax now and hand over the affairs to younger men who would take the baton forward and proclaim His faithfulness to future generations.

leaving behind a legacy in Christ

Unlike Moses, Joshua had no immediate assistant who would lead his people farther in their conquest of the promised land.

And thus, all the momentum gained in the book of Joshua would soon be lost as the Israelites get into their comfort zone and forget the real purpose, the true promise.

What a sad end of a legacy and the beginning of an unfaithful, adulteress nation.

This leaves us with some very important questions.

What legacy in Christ are we leaving behind for the generations ahead? Will our young ones know Jesus even when we are not around? Will they seek God for themselves?

Sure, we must focus on our track, but time and again, it would be good to look around and watch those who are ready and willing to run forth with the legacy of Christ.

Pray for them, cheer them on just like the host of heavenly witnesses who cheer us on! (Hebrews 12:1)

May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ give you the courage and the wisdom to speak about your inheritance and legacy in Christ at the right place, right time- winning more and more souls to His kingdom.

In Jesus Name,


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