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Praying for Wisdom: Knowing the Truth Behind People and Things

Part I- Excerpts from the life of a fly and a spider

(A fly caught in a spider’s web seemed strangely calm and composed.)

Mr. Spider: “Ha Ha, gotcha! I can finally have your head.”

Mrs. Fly: “Eh, who cares.”

Mr. Spider: “Why, are you not afraid? Your moments are but few, and you are soon gonna be dead.”

Mrs. Fly: “Honestly, I wish you had caught me earlier. I am done flying around, spreading filth. It can truly get boring out there. It’s no fun working so hard to keep up the name.”

Mr. Spider: “Name? What name, if I may ask?”

Mrs. Fly: “Why it’s the honor of being the ‘deadliest species’ on earth!”

(The spider rolls over laughing.)

Mr. Spider: “Hahaha. I never saw such a narcissist fly in my entire life! You, of all the animals and birds and insects, ever created! Do you claim to be the deadliest?! This is fun news!

Nobody even cares that you exist! You fly around, squat on shit, and fly around more- and all people do is just swat you. Nobody sees you as dangerous as a spider. We are the mini terrors of the world. From kids to adults, just the sight of us throws them off.

What’s more, nobody ever heard of “flyophobia.” Archanopobhia is the real deal, baby. You ain’t no kidding me.”

Mrs. Fly: “And that’s where you are wrong, my buddy. Do you think we are foolish to sting like a bee and die? Nope. That’s not our MO. We feed on the choicest of food unharmed. You can zing us, swat us, but you can’t kill us cause we are quick. We are known as disease carriers, of course, not out of choice. Any food that we sit on is as good as poison. We are agents of plagues!

We have plagued humanity since the exodus, and you, a web-bound spider, think you can outdo us? The devil, Beelzebub, himself is our lord. We are the ones to be feared.


(the spider looks on in awe, while the fly laughs her head off in a frenzy)

Part II- Wisdom and Revelation

Appearances can be deceptive[1]. Often the things or the people who seem innocent do the most (even unintentional) harm. It is important to have a spirit of wisdom and revelation[2] to know the truth behind any person or situation. The Holy Spirit is the only true guide cause He sees the hidden intent of men’s hearts[3]. Before you commit to anyone or anything, ask Him to open your eyes with His revelation so that you may see the true motives and consequences in store.

Naivety in believers is common. But Jesus calls us to be cunning as a serpent yet innocent as a dove[4]. Filled with His love[5], we are always to hope the best[6] without being blind to the truth of things.

The fly represents any negative influence that you might have in your life. Though the harm done may not be immediately visible, over the years, it will be. They might be buzzing around you, day in and day out, encouraging you to say, do or be something that doesn’t align with the word of God.

In fact, it can also be your negative self-talk, the conversation that you have with yourself, that’s becoming a breeding ground for self-hatred and low self-esteem.

It’s time that you ‘let the fly out.’

Say no to the clutter that attracts such pests. Fill your mind with the word of God, and no ‘fly’ will make it a breeding ground. Pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation.

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

(Philippians 4:8)

Remember, it is not a one-time process. Mind renewal[7] is an everyday task for every believer while they are on earth or until Jesus comes.

Anytime a fear, doubt, or negative emotion tries to steal your joy, remind yourself that you have not received a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind[8]!

You have the wisdom and the mind of Christ[9]!

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