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What Speaking in Tongues Has Done for My Health

Before the Gift of Tongues:

Patience was never my innate virtue, much less long-suffering. Growing up in volatile surroundings, I always only knew how to fight for my rights- school, college, or home. I warred with my tongue, striking down more hearts than a sword could in a lifetime.

I got into many verbal fights, to no good end. Yes, I may have been right (that’s what all of us want to assume) but the results were ghastly. I would end up rewinding the episode a billion times in my mind, wondering if it could have ended another way.

What’s more, the unrest and shame that followed the conversation would keep me chained for days!

But then one evening, on the 25th of Nov 2020, I had the sweetest experience ever known in my miserable human life- on the last day of our Bible conference at SOFI, Nagaland, I gave my life to Christ and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues!

What Is Speaking in Tongues?

One of the first things the Holy Spirit does when He enters the life of a believer is to take control of their tongues. Praying in tongues is what keeps a curb over our mouths- lest we spoil our own future by speaking words unworthy of God’s will for our life.

But before we understand the need for speaking in tongues, we need to know why it is crucial to tame the tongue.

In the Beginning Was the Word

If you go all the way back to Genesis 1, you will find that the entire creation came into existence through the word of God. God spoke everything and every being into existence- and it didn’t take Him years- but a single day! He spoke and saw it was good.

As born-again, children of God, our words hold power. We are the kings seated in Christ whose words are nothing less than decrees! When we speak the right words, half of our battles are already won. We can speak our world into existence- you would be surprised to know but the things you are going through right now are direct results of what you spoke in the past!

Some may like to shift the blame to others and say their curses kept them from growing- but nothing could be further from the truth.

While it may seem like I am sharing lessons on positive thinking and speech- even those principles are bible-based- for “out of the abundance of the heart, a man speaks”(Luke 6:45). What’s more, “death and life are in the power of the tongue”(Proverbs 18:21)- you will eat what you speak!

When I Started Speaking in Tongues

Like with all new things, there is a tendency to give up, especially when you see no results out of it. When I started speaking in tongues, my entire focus was on passing CA Finals. I had heard that praying in tongues helps you accomplish the impossible- you could do anything when you pray in tongues. Unfortunately, my ignorance made me focus less on my studies and seek a supernatural experience during exams, which of course was plain foolish.

Obviously, I failed my papers- which was no surprise. When I couldn’t see the results I wanted, I was tempted to give up. What’s the use of a dry mouth and parched lips when not a leaf was shaking by my speaking in tongues? But now when I look back, I see how ignorant I was.

The Physical Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

He who speaks in a tongue builds himself up.

(1 Corinthians 14:4)

Speaking in tongues doesn’t change the outcome of your foolishness- it keeps you from being foolish! It aligns you with the perfect will of God, empowering you, building you up in spirit and body- to do His will for your life!

You can never miss it with the gift of tongues.

One immediate effect that I noticed after praying in tongues was that I rarely ever fell sick! Even when I experienced some lying symptoms in my body, all it took was a few minutes of praying in tongues and I would be good as new. The same is the case now, I owe my great health to the gift of tongues and regular partaking of the Holy communion!

Here’s one teaching from Joseph Prince that has really helped strengthen my habit of praying in tongues. The pastor shares how speaking in tongues can help keep all stress, anxiety, and worries at bay.

Truly, the benefits of speaking in tongues are countless and can’t be contained in a single blog. Stay tuned and keep praying till I fill you in on more about the gift of tongues.

Until then,

Yours in Christ,


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