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Beauty for Ashes(Part I): How God Restores Our Loss

4th April 2019– a listless Sany prepared for her inevitable failure in CA Finals, hoping against all odds that somehow miraculously, God would part her red sea (the infinite syllabus)!

4th April 2020– a confused Sany was stuck in Dimapur, at SOFI Bible School, with classes being interrupted by the sudden onslaught of COVID-19.

4th April 2021– an anxious Sany awaited her assessment results after just about 7 months of working as a content executive at GMR WebTeam.

4th April 2022– a ‘blessed beyond measure’ Sany- excited and thrilled out of her sleep- is typing out her testimony, declaring the eternal goodness of Abba!

God is good all the time, and there is no phase, no situation in our lives that can undo the truth of His eternal goodness!

When I look back at the years that went by, I realize that none of the blessings I have today would be meaningful unless seen in the light of all the agony and suffering my past held.

I was lost beyond depth, pursuing ambitions that were not mine. I struggled to be the best in meaningless vocations. I tried, I strove, I struggled until I died.

A significant portion of my being was undone by the chain of academic and personal failures I encountered from 2016 to 2020- all of which now testify to how God restores our loss!

If It Would Not Have Been for Jesus

I run out of words every time I try to thank my friend, Flora Lee, for all that she did and still does for the love of Christ. Thank God for godly friends who nudge you onto the right path unless you find your way back to the good shepherd (John 10:11). To know Jesus through His Word, the Bible is one thing- but to see Him in person, working mightily in your friend’s life, is a real eye-opener.

Flora’s love for Jesus and His love for her encouraged me to seek Him. I failed twice in CA Finals in 2019, and even before the results were out after my second attempt, I decided to enroll in SOFI Bible School.

From CA to CE, From Death to Life

Several encounters at and beyond the Bible School changed my perception of life. Once I was back from Bible School, I started looking for jobs to support my needs. Initially, I looked for jobs in the accounts department, having been a commerce student all my life. And yet, a cousin who was visiting at that time suggested that I apply for writing jobs.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was recruited as a content executive (CE) in a thriving US-based digital marketing agency!

I was never educationally qualified for the job, and yet miraculously, by the favor and grace of God, I outshone many top performers at my workplace! All glory be to Jesus!

He placed me where He wanted me to be, and He provided for all my needs!

God Restores Your Stolen Years

Today, Abba revealed His goodness in an unimaginable way (to be shared in my next blog). The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, is true to His promises.

Every passing day I encounter more and more of His love, and the more I know Him, the more I realize how little I am aware of His unrivaled power of restoration!

He brings life from the dead womb! (Romans 4: 17-19)

He gives sight to the ones born blind! (John 9)

He heals the sick (1 Peter 2:24); He brings dead bones to life (Ezekiel 37:1-14)!

What on earth or in heaven is impossible for our Father?

Who on earth, heaven or hell, can stop what Abba has planned and purposed? (Isaiah 14:27)

When God is on your side, you are the majority. Period.

And no evil scheme of a cheating friend or a loyal foe can dislodge you from what God has called and predestined you to be (Romans 8:30).

I will shout about His faithfulness all day long- Our God is an awesome God! He is living, He is faithful, and He is worthy of all our awe and praise.

Have you been discouraged lately? Cheer up, for He is at work, and He will give you double for your trouble (Isaiah 61:7). Your mourning will be turned into laughter (Psalm 30:11). Your ashes will be traded for beauty (Isaiah 61:3).

Our God will restore all that has been lost in due time- He will restore your lost years (Joel 2:25)!

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