God's plan for your family

God’s Plan for Your Family in 2022 (and beyond)

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and like with every special day, this one set me thinking on several lines.

Number 1- Before the pandemic, I barely saw my dad except on weekends

Number 2- Dad had been ‘laboring’ for people he barely spent time with

Most of us work day in and out for our loved ones, for their better future- even if that means we are hardly ‘present’ in their present, past, or future.

This brings us to a very critical question: Is this God’s plan for your family?

What is God’s plan for your family and mine?

Family is the heart of God. He loves multiplicative abundance, which is why His very first command to all living forms (plants, animals, and man) was to,” Be fruitful and multiply”[Genesis 1:28]. Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from Him[Psalm 127:3]. Joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them[Psalm 127:5].

Blessed is the man who honors God and walks in His ways, He is prosperous and His wife is like a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within His house. His children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they surround his table [Psalm 128:3].

Prosperous family life is indeed one of the most obvious signs that you are blessed!

God has a vision for our family, a quality of life that has nothing to do with our labor. What I observe in most of us is that we presume we need to work hard, fend for our loved ones to ensure they are healthy and vigorous. Whereas in God’s kingdom, His blessings ensure that your family life is prosperous like grapevine and rejuvenating like olive, healing and refreshing your body and mind.  

Provision in the pandemic

If nothing the pandemic did one thing- brought our entire family under the same roof. There were days when there was nowhere to go, months on end we were ‘fortunately’ stuck at home. Yes, maintaining a work-life balance was challenging at times, yet I got to see a lot more of my loved ones. And God kept us safe! At a time when millions were succumbing to the virus- including several affluent personalities who couldn’t buy enough time with their loved ones- God kept us safe.

I even landed my first job during the pandemic, a time when the entire world was undergoing an economic crisis! And that too a work that I loved!

He blessed us, actually he blessed my dad and his children- making them vigorous as the young olive trees. Surely, we had our share of dark days, but none of them lasted and almost 2 years into COVID-19 I can testify, with my family, that He has been faithful.

Truly, He took everything that the enemy meant for evil and turned it for good! [Romans 8:28]

So what is God’s plan for your family? It is simple- He wants to bless you and your family!

Because we are sons, not slaves

When the first Adam sinned, the repercussions spread through his family line. Death and disease entered the world. He had to labor to feed his loved ones. The ground itself was cursed[Genesis 3:17].

But when Jesus died on the cross, He redeemed us from the wages of sin [Romans 3:23]. We, the children of God, bought with the blood of Jesus, have an abundant life in Christ. Mind you, our new life in Jesus isn’t without persecutions, but the momentary hardship pales in the face of the glory that awaits us [2 Corinthians 4:17]. Creation itself awaits the day when the sons of God will be revealed in their complete glory[Romans 8:19].

May we never forget who we belong to. When the daily struggles scream for our attention, instead of laboring to keep up with the demands, may we flow in His grace, empowered by His Spirit[Romans 8:11] to do what no one else can do.

Cause we are no longer slaves, but sons and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ[Romans 8:17]. We belong to God, His household, His family[Romans 9:25-26]!

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