christ in me, the hope of glory

For Christ in Me, the Hope of Glory!

“So, what do you fear the most?”

My now Program Director (PD) asked me this question during my in-person interview, about 5 months ago.

The question wasn’t new. I had already gone through a dozen other interviews with different companies and had been asked the same question each time.

Strangely enough, the moment my PD asked me this question, I remembered the very first time I had answered it. My response then was, “Nothing, I am afraid of nothing.”

But this time, almost a year later, my answer was different.

“I fear not yielding to that still small voice, which I had missed while choosing between commerce and arts for my major.”

He looked at me thoughtfully, and I felt at peace. I had got the right answer this time.

Understanding the Still Small Voice (My Key Success Factor)

In a layman’s term, the still small voice is the gentle nudge that you feel within yourself every time you are about to do or say something.

Elijah, the prophet, heard God’s voice as the gentlest whisper, when he was going through the roughest time of his life. We, as children of God, are guided by that nudge, that whisper, that ever-so gently guides us unto the right path.

The closer you draw to God, the easier it gets to perceive that voice.

How do you know that Sany?

Have you ever been in a room full of people, where everyone has something to say. And yet, amidst the waves of noise, you are still able to make out your friends’ voice?

That’s the law of familiarity.

Like a musician who practices till they get the perfect note, you need to hear and hear and more importantly, be led by the voice, to know you are going the right way.

But why are we talking about this?

Because of What Happened Through the Week (8th-12th of May)

Last week on Monday, the 8th, I shared a post wherein I mentioned having a real rough day.

Praying in tongues had strengthened me to face the day with honor. Fast forward a few days. I continued praying in tongues throughout the week.

We had a real big event coming up on Saturday, the 12th (International Nurses’ Day). One of our leaders was visiting from the US and we had an entire week of activities planned at Sitamarhi, Bihar.

the team at Sitamarhi on the 12th of May, 2023

The day before the event, the 11th of May 2023, was really hectic.

I won’t get into the details, but it would suffice to say that I spent the entire day at the district hospital (DH), my head spiraling around the stories that I had to collect and get printed.

There came a moment where my brain froze even before the work began. The noise and clamor at the hospital made it difficult for me to concentrate even though I was sitting in the manager’s room.

And that’s when I felt the nudge to walk out. No sooner than I walked out of the room than a colleague, saw me troubled, asked what I needed and rushed forth to get another secluded room opened up for me to sit and write!

Ahh, what silence! For almost 5-6 hours I worked at the speed of light, interviewing stakeholders, collecting stories and articulating them in a written format.

On the “Day” of the Event

The next day was the international nurses’ day celebration at the DH. While my part with regards to the design was over, it was time for the guest of honor to visit and interact with the stakeholders.

All through the process, I followed the still small voice. Whether it be regarding the script or the sequence of the stories, I heard and followed, and it all turned out beautifully.

But what happened in the end was absolutely unexpected.

seated amidst stakeholders

To those who don’t know, it’s just been 4 months since I joined my present organization. With no prior experience in social work, let alone interacting with government healthcare stakeholders, this was the first time I worked solo on field, with none of my other design team members around (They were busy planning and organizing an event in Patna, so I couldn’t consult them virtually.)

It was like all this while I had been swimming in the waters with a buoy, a support system. But this time, my work was all my own. The responsibility was mine alone.

And had it not been for the still small voice, I would have failed miserably.

Praise from an Unexpected Place

Almost a week after I had joined, some colleagues had suggested that the design team was more likely to be behind the scenes. That we wouldn’t be acknowledged or appreciated even where appreciation was due.

To be very honest, I was slightly confounded by that response, but then again, my spirit knew God to be just and “generous” above all and I rejected that thought.

Every child of God has infinite influence and authority to prosper where they are placed. God’s original plan for man was to “be fruitful and multiply.”

Yes, there will be people who will try to steal off your work or live off your glory but like sand in the wind, they wont be able to hold on to it.


Because every believer is born to shine even in the darkest of places. Like a burning lamp that can’t be hidden, the anointing and the anointed can’t be diluted or discarded by human efforts.

All through the event, I stood as one in the crowd, trying not to draw attention to myself. My human nature would have loved it, but the spirit in me kept prompting me to back off.

I backed off, only to be called forwarded and honored amidst the gathering.

Standing amidst prestigious healthcare leaders

What’s the Big Deal, Sany?

Just remember the solo swimming I talked about. What if a newbie swam without support and yet made it to the finish line. That’s worth celebrating, isn’t it?

I am indeed boasting in the power of Christ at work in me.

Because who else could have guided me when I was all alone?

Who else could have strengthened me in my weakness?

Who else could have turned my entire week downside up?

Who but Christ and He alone!!

So, if today you feel unappreciated, disregarded or unqualified, remember –

Christ in us is the hope of glory! (Colossians 1:27)

Great days are ahead of us.

So, just listen (to the still small voice) and be led unto His paths of righteousness.

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