eye of the storm

Even in the Eye of the Storm

I searched the oceans, the land, and the sky,

For a human soul who could tell me why-

Why things never worked out, no matter how hard I tried!

Was there a point to all the tears I had cried?

Regrets, a billion, this feeble heart bore,

With countless complaints that turned my tongue sore.

No meaning, no purpose could I find,

Ashes of remorse alone were left behind.

Yet there, in the depth of my deep distress,

You found me and raised me to Your unshakeable rest.

No storms can move me, no battles undo

The unrivaled peace that I have found in You.

Though life may be uncertain and people come and go,

Your love for me is eternal; it will never ebb and flow.

When faced with a challenge, I am no longer afraid,

Cause I know, You’ll go before me, to cut off the enemy’s head.

There’s no shame in store; no more tears await,

Death itself has lost its sting, for Christ has sealed its fate.

Though thousands fall beside me and a billion plagues arise,

My God will meet me where I am; He will answer before I cry.

For my help does not come from men; their wisdom I do not seek.

My God is the God of the living; He fights for the humble and meek.

He who made the heaven and the earth will strengthen my stand,

Day after day, year after year, He will lead me by His hand.

No longer do I worry how things will turn out to be,

For You have taken me under Your wings, Your truth has set me free.

My heart is firm, my mind’s at rest, there is peace within my soul,

For even in the eye of the storm, You are in control!

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