david and bathsheba

David and Bathsheba: Who Will Pay for My Sins?

but the poor one had nothing except one little ewe

2 Samuel 12:13

The Story of David and Bathsheba

Our God is a loving Father with a heart as wide as the open sea. But there is one thing He can’t stand- “covetousness.” Be it in any form, covetousness, the brother of idolatry is what keeps us from worshipping Him in spirit and truth.

This is the same problem that got the first couple thrown out of the garden- they had everything, yet for a piece of forbidden fruit, they forfeited their inheritance.

Often it is the little foxes that spoil the vineyard. A little look here, a little smile there, a little absence from where you are meant to be—the enemy is always on the prowl, roaring as a lion, yet cunning as a serpent, ready to lurk in through the smallest space.

Many have fallen under the sins of the flesh, and David was just another human who missed it. David and Bathsheba’s baby, born out of wedlock, couldn’t make it. Many would say that it was because of the sin, but somehow it was more of ‘stealing’ than ‘adultery’ that sealed the child’s fate.

Repaying Four Fold- The Law of Restitution

You can’t keep what isn’t rightfully yours. What David says about returning fourfold is the law of restitution, where the thief had to return 4 times the loss. David did repay 4 times- the loss of his child, the rape of his daughter Tamar, the rebellion of his son Absalom, and the murder of all his other sons.

Does God Make People Repay with Suffering?

Did God make him repay? The generous Father who hugs the prodigal and clothes him with the most splendid robes, the best footwear, and golden accessories?

God doesn’t make people suffer. Instead, our sins breach the wall of His protection around us. We have His 1000% forgiveness; He remembers our sins no more, yet there are consequences.

So, What Happened to David and Bathsheba?

In all things, even in the bad and the worst, God works it all together for our good, And that is what He did for David. From the same woman with whom he had an adulterous relationship, He brought forth one of the greatest kings of Israel, Solomon, whose fame reached the ends of the earth.

Rejoice, Child of God! There’s Hope for You!

Many of us are still living through the consequences of our past bad decisions, yet there is hope. Our God is the God of restoration, and He will make good all that’s been lost.

Even in the deepest valleys, we are not alone. His righteousness covers us like a robe. We are sons and daughters of God, not by our works but through Christ, our Lord, the beloved (Jedidah) of God.

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